Reflections and a Lesson from the ‘Blurred Lines’ Trial (Sept. 2015) Los Angeles Lawyer 44. A discussion of the Gaye v. Thicke/Williams case.

    Loan Guaranty Is Not A Sham If Borrower Is Legally Separate From Guarantor and Lender Does Not Dictate The Transaction Structure, California State Bar Real Property Law Section E-Bulletin (June 2015). Discussion of enforceability of loan guarantees.

    Patent Reform (Mar. 2015) Los Angeles Lawyer 21. A discussion of recent patent reforms.

    Eavesdropping Liability (Feb. 2015) California Lawyer 33. A discussion of the (il-)legality of recording and listening in on conversations.

    Vance Woodward's IP Law Update, LAIPLA Newsletter (Fall 2013) p. 2. A summary of recent significant IP cases.

    Realizing the 'Great Escape from Reality', The Daily Journal (Nov. 28, 2012) p. 6.  A summary of my attempt to earn a living while traveling.

    Want to Be a Trial Lawyer?, The Daily Journal (Feb. 2, 2011) p. 6.  A report on my experience at the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office.

    Forecasts of the Future: Technology and the Law, The Daily Journal (Aug. 19, 2010) p. 5.  A report on technology's future impact on the law.

    Bilski: Supreme Court Permits Business Method Patents That Do Not Seek Protection on "Abstract Ideas", Intellectual Property Litigation Updates (July 2010) p. 1.  A summary of the impact of Bilski v. Kappos.

    Formaldehyde in Wood Products and FEMA Trailers, On the Horizon: Tort and Coverage Issues to Watch (2nd Qtr. 2010) p. 2.

    Brainwave Scanner Reveals What You Know, The Daily Journal (May 27, 2010) p. 5.  A report on a technique that Dr. Lawrence Farwell developed for determining whether a person's brain contains a record of a certain fact or event.

    Update on Nanotech, On the Horizon: Tort and Coverage Issues to Watch (1st Qtr. 2010) p. 1.

    Update to Previous Global Warming Reports, On the Horizon: Tort and Coverage Issues to Watch (4th Qtr. 2009) (co-authored with Alan Jacobus) p. 1.

    Pharmaceuticals, On the Horizon: Tort and Coverage Issues to Watch (3rd Qtr. 2009) p. 1.

    Home Heating Oil, On the Horizon: Tort and Coverage Issues to Watch (3rd Qtr. 2009) p. 1.

    Riding the Tech Waves, The Daily Journal (Aug. 17, 2009) p. 6.  A discussion of the impact technology will have on the practice of law.

    Pesticides, On the Horizon: Tort and Coverage Issues to Watch (2nd Qtr. 2009) p. 1.

    Scope of Coverage Is a Matter of Contract Interpretation (2009) 19-3 Coverage 11.  A discussion of how the scope of coverage afforded by an insurance policy can be determined by the policy language alone without special rules of interpretation.

    PVC and Phthalates, On the Horizon: Tort and Coverage Issues to Watch (2nd Qtr. 2008) p. 3 (co-authored with Alan Jacobus).

    Courts Breathe New Life into Existing Rules of Contract Interpretation (2008) 20-5 Cal. Ins. L. & Reg. Rep. 95, republished (2008) 30-12 Ins. Litig. Rep. 389.  A discussion of the rules of contract interpretation and the special rules that are applied to the interpretation of insurance policies.

    Must Policyholders Prove Their Covered Damages? (2007) 19-3 Cal. Ins. L. & Reg. Rep. 59.  A discussion of what policyholders must prove in scenarios where covered and uncovered losses are indivisibly mixed.

    Is Injury in Fact Really a Trigger in Insurance? (2007) 21-24 Mealey's Litig. Rep.: Ins. 18.  Those familiar with long-tail claims know there are four hallmark "triggers" of coverage: exposure, manifestation, continuous and injury in fact.  In this article, I argue this last is not really a trigger at all.

    What's Happened to Carroll Towing? (2007) 16-11 Mealey's Emeging Toxic Torts 25.  U.S. v. Carroll Towing is a seminal case regarding the "calculus of liability": a flawed attempt to render the duty and standard of care into a mathematical formula.  This article discusses the fallout.

    Bad Faith Excess-Limits Damages & Awards of Attorneys' Fees, ABA Insurance Coverage Committee (Mar. 2, 2006) (co-authored with Rod Eshelman).  A discussion of insurance bad faith and the scope of potential damages arising from an insurer's bad faith.